Tytoftetsi NuiQue, Pure Vegan Algae Derived Omega 3 Oil, High Concentrate EPA & DHA - 60 Capsules:Tytoftetsi
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NuiQue, Pure Vegan Algae Derived Omega 3 Oil, High Concentrate EPA & DHA - 60 Capsules:Tytoftetsi

Swisshealth Ltd
Swisshealth Ltd Published in October 20, 2018, 2:10 am
 NuiQue, Pure Vegan Algae Derived Omega 3 Oil, High Concentrate EPA & DHA - 60 Capsules:Tytoftetsi

NuiQue, Pure Vegan Algae Derived Omega 3 Oil, High Concentrate EPA & DHA - 60 Capsules:Tytoftetsi

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refried_bacon Reply to on 19 May 2017
A decent product at a decent price; one per day is enough to fulfil your omega 3 requirements. My only gripe—which is a big one—is that the capsule shell is made of carrageenan, meaning that I have to open the capsule onto a spoon in order to take the liquid, which pretty much defeats the object of having capsules in the first place. I purchased these becase they were the best value for money that I could find, despite knowing I would have to open the capsules. The only carrageenan-free alternatives were signifiantly more expensive. Carrageenan is fine for most people, but for those with gut-related disorders (Chrohn's; IBD; IBS; leaky gut; autism), of which I am one, caution is advised. Products containing carrageenan definitely irritate my gut, and these capsules (of which I reluctantly tested one, preparing myself for a day or so of painful repercussions, which did indeed ensue shortly after taking the capsule) are no exception. Resultantly, I have no choice but to keep opening them.

I wish this company would make a liquid, or carrageenan-free, version of this product for the same price—I'd certainly buy it.
STR Reply to on 14 October 2016
I chose these based on EPA and DHA content. Description says it contains 300mg DHA and 150mg of EPA per capsule. But on packaging it states 2 capsules contain 375mg of DHA and 187mg of EPA. It means it contains 40% less omega 3 than I was expecting.
Grey Reply to on 4 May 2015
I got these as I was getting very dry eyes and an Optician suggested Omega 3. It took a while but my eyes are better now, so not sure if its these or just naturally improved.
The capsules don't give any after taste or bad breath at all. I have actualy bitten one in my mouth by accident, and they dont taste like much of anything, unlike fish oil ones.
Suerte Reply to on 2 September 2018
These were fulfilled by Amazon and arrived with the inner paper tamper seal partially open exposing the contents. They also had a strong fishy smell and the use-by date was around a year less than the competitor I normally buy - meaning they either work on a 12 month less window (unlikely, but possible) or these capsules have been sitting on a shelf somewhere for a long time (temperature - fishy smell?)

I have used algae derived omega 3 capsules for several years from another brand, but they never have any fishy smell whatsoever? Back to the other brand.
A. Ryan
A. Ryan Reply to on 12 June 2016
I LOVE these omega 3 tablets. As someone who does not eat fish, these are the perfect solution to ensure I am getting the nutrients I need.

The main benefit I have noticed is in my skin. These seem to miraculously clear up my acne. After I finished the first bottle, I did not buy any more for a good 6 months and over time my acne came back. I have been taking them again now for about a week and already my skin is clearing up beautifully.

I have previously tried fish oil capsules, but I found I could taste fish for the rest of the day and it was not pleasant. These have no after taste and are easy to swallow.

Cannot fault this product in any way. Highly recommended!
scubadiva Reply to on 7 November 2014
This product is the FIRST Omega-3 supplement I've tried that doesn't have that horrid, fishy after-taste. Am finding it helps me stay "regular" and it's a pleasure to take after trying to keep down Cod Liver Oil for years!!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 23 July 2018
Happy enough with the product, easy to swallow and doesn't smell fishy like some algae based Omega-3 supplements. Very expensive though and it's anyone's guess if these supplements actually make a significant positive impact to our health.
jo Reply to on 29 October 2017
I truly feel these help me a lot !!! I focus loads better and concentrate better and feel happy!! Am severely allergic to fish and related products so was a great find! I take two daily and really notice if I have run out!!
Conrad Baker
Conrad Baker Reply to on 7 November 2017
I like the thought of having a good omega 3:6 ratio, without harming any fish in the process. These have made this possible.
#review Reply to on 19 April 2018
These are great tablets. They help me stay alert and no reflux from them.
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