Tytoftetsi Niquitin Lozenges 4mg Mint - 36 Lozenges:Tytoftetsi
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Niquitin Lozenges 4mg Mint - 36 Lozenges:Tytoftetsi

Niquitin Published in October 20, 2018, 2:45 am
 Niquitin Lozenges 4mg Mint - 36 Lozenges:Tytoftetsi

Niquitin Lozenges 4mg Mint - 36 Lozenges:Tytoftetsi

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Phalanges56 Reply to on 28 April 2011
These aren't like the mint lozenges that you suck like a sweet. They are rather tasteless and slowly release nicotine if held between the lower gums and cheek. I find them really good to pop one in at bed time and it's still there in the morning.

So many smokers get bad cravings first thing in the morning - just the job to address this.
deirdre OSullivan
deirdre OSullivan Reply to on 17 June 2013
can be addictive.
you will quit cigarettes but become addited to lozenges!
Good taste. very helpful to quit.
Try to use less often, only when you need to.
alangun1 Reply to on 22 January 2014
thank you this is a very good item.spot on .thank you cannot find one like this no ware.all the best on this product. alan
Mrs. Hilda M. Halliday
Mrs. Hilda M. Halliday Reply to on 30 October 2010
The products arrived in a cardboard folder, the type that is successfully used for books, but is entirely unsuitable for this product. All boxes were squashed with contents dispersed outside the boxes.
evonne Reply to on 9 April 2013
great product...and i now dont need to worry about running out as they are sent automatically - i like the service
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