Tytoftetsi Paperback Oxford Large Print Dictionary:Tytoftetsi
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Paperback Oxford Large Print Dictionary:Tytoftetsi

Oxford Dictionaries
Oxford Dictionaries Published in October 20, 2018, 2:27 am
 Paperback Oxford Large Print Dictionary:Tytoftetsi

Paperback Oxford Large Print Dictionary:Tytoftetsi

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cyclekarl Reply to on 8 February 2015
I ordered this book because I find far too many books these days have too smaller print.In this way the book is great however I thought I was getting an English dictionary and not an American one!It has both spellings for words but the American versions come first which shouldn't be the case,if anything it should be the other way around and quite frankly I only want to see spellings spelt correctly.Also as other reviewers have said some words are missing like teal.The other thing I don't like is has thin the pages are sort of toilet like which I doubt will last very long.
Me at home
Me at home Reply to on 26 May 2017
Bought this for my husband who has trouble reading small print. This is fantastic. The print is large and bold and although we have the Oxford dictionary in a smaller size, this is perfect for both of us to use.
I would recommend this book to anyone who has trouble reading or has to use a magnifying glass, as we do usually.
Toffiie Reply to on 4 April 2018
This is perfect for anyone with poor eyesight. My elderly Mother found this extremely good for her to help with her crosswords etc. Also easy to handle(not heavy) and good coverage of words.
Ms. M. Bond
Ms. M. Bond Reply to on 30 October 2012
The large print in this dictionary is wonderful and really takes the pain out of looking up words. However, the content is sadly lacking. So often, the person for whom this was purchased has to resort to consulting his original small print dictionary as he discovers yet another word omitted from this text. A tad disappointing for him.
Sally.romain Reply to on 3 December 2017
It is the thing thank you. Poppy
brisbanemad Reply to on 22 August 2018
bought for mum whose eyesight is not good
Elizabeth Mullan
Elizabeth Mullan Reply to on 24 February 2017
Bought for my Mum who uses it quite a lot. Easy to see large print and as always with an Oxford dictionary weel laid out & presenteted.
Susan Mary O'Sullivan
Susan Mary O'Sullivan Reply to on 17 March 2018
Helpful for people with some sight problems
julie may shore
julie may shore Reply to on 16 August 2017
Purchased for my 85 year old Dad who has poor vision and he is thrilled with it
DEALFINDER Reply to on 12 July 2015
I have a irreparable detached retina leaving me with only 1/3 vision in my left eye.This book is excellent for me i can read the text with my normal glasses on without needing to use my hand held magnifying glass.I have found this book to be an valuable purchase.
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