Tytoftetsi Dickies Workwear Hiker FURY Safety Boot size 9:Tytoftetsi
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Dickies Workwear Hiker FURY Safety Boot size 9:Tytoftetsi

Dickies Published in October 20, 2018, 2:04 am
 Dickies Workwear Hiker FURY Safety Boot size 9:Tytoftetsi

Dickies Workwear Hiker FURY Safety Boot size 9:Tytoftetsi

Price:£24.37+ Free shipping with Masterpola Prime

Peta Reply to on 6 January 2018
I adore these boots! They're perfect - more than a shoe, but less than a big stomping boot! They look dead smart so I wear them to work with sensible clothes, and no-one notices! The quality of everything is great.

I am a small size six, and I found these just a tiny bit big, but not enough to stop me wearing them. I just stuck two shoe liners in there, and they're fine.

I bought these boots about six months ago, and the stitching has gone on the front of the boot, just below the laces, on both boots. I haven't worn them on site or done anything especially exciting in them, so this cannot be the result of unusual wear and tear. It is very disappointing, because they really are nice boots. I will wear them until they drop off my feet, but unfortunately I won't be getting them again. I don't expect the stitching to fall apart so quickly!


The soles have cracked! I wore them in the snow and the left sole developed a massive split and let all the snow in! Boots now in the bin. One very disappointed customer!
Tor Reply to on 14 August 2017
Stiffer than a 60 years olds gentleman on a blue pill but as expected for a brand new leather shoe. Can feel the metal plate with my left foot but not my right. Worn them for 4 days so far and they've eased a little or my pain threshold has increased. Absolutely need to be worn with a long thick sock. I bought the package deal of 10 work socks with these and they are a game changer. I'd recommend some insoles too. Will be my next purchase.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 16 April 2017
I ordered these boots using Amazon Prime and received them quickly and on time. The packaging was good (a standard cardboard shoebox with a protection inner bag and stuffing paper).

They are as expected and the photos in the description are accurate.

They are fairly comfortable and I found them to be very slip-resistant. I have so far noticed no faults or quality issues.
Blackwood Reply to on 28 November 2016
Since my job requires quite a lot of patrolling duties in various environments, proper shoes are vital. I already wearing this trusty pair of shoes for more than 3 months and yet not a single complaint. Sturdy enough, good quality and design. Great deal for such price. Totally recommend it.
S. Macpherson
S. Macpherson Reply to on 22 November 2017
A decent pair of boots, the insole only lasted a few months before needing a new set then. In November, less than a year after buying the boots, the siding started to bust and the boots let in water. My job isn’t overly hard, and I’m the only member of staff that wears steel toe cap boots but why take the risk. But I did expect the boots to at least last me until the following year.
Gavin Reply to on 5 March 2018
Great for safety at work, keeping warm or as walking boots. I suggest buying up to a size bigger than your normal footwear and adding a good pair of thick socks. No blisters! I find with Dickies boots the insoles can compress after many months wear, and I then add a foam insole - several available on Amazon. Makes you feel like new boots again, bouncing on air!
andsand Reply to on 14 September 2017
Great waterproof boots for walking with the dog ! Through beaches, woods and fields in all weather still keep feet dry. Strong, good ankle support with cushioning round top of boots. Really recommend them for walkers.
Customer Reply to on 29 January 2018
The pair I received were awful.
The sole was coming apart from the upper, may have got a one off but seems to be a lack of glue used.
BobMurphy Reply to on 14 October 2015
They fit well and are comfortable. however, one of the lace clips was bent and broke as soon as it was used. After a few weeks wear the coating is peeling off the toe caps. I haven't had this on other Dickies boots of the same design. As a basic workwear item they are fine.
Trevor Bowden
Trevor Bowden Reply to on 25 February 2018
At this price these boots are undeniably a great deal, the appear hard wearing, have a nice finish to them and a are exactly what you'd want from a pair of boot. the only criticism I have is that the steel cap feels slightly too narrow at the opening, you can feel edges sometimes begin to press and rub against the side of your foot. Yet for anyone who wears thick socks or doesn't mind a slight annoyance to an otherwise flawless product these are definitely a great deal.
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